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The Client acknowledges that in the event they grant the Company consent to process Personal Data, such consent may be withdrawn at any time, and the withdrawal of consent does not affect the lawfulness of the processing originated from the consent prior to its withdrawal; the Client may withdraw the consent in the form of a written notice delivered to the Company or in the form of a notice sent to the Company by electronic mail. 

By clicking the button above, "Yes, I agree", the Client grants Whitmill Trust Company (Gibraltar) Limited, 8c Pitman´s Alley, Gibraltar (the Company), as a controller, explicit and unconditional consent to processing of the Client's Personal Data insofar as the Client's Personal Data is provided to the Company through this Form for the purpose of direct marketing. Direct marketing may take the form of written, telephone or personal contact with the Client for the purpose of acquainting the Client with the Company's Product portfolio or the Company`s Group Product portfolio, including statistical evaluation of data for direct marketing purposes. This consent is granted for three years or, if applicable, until the right of the Client to withdraw this consent is exercised, whichever is the earlier. The Client agrees that, in cases where the Company has a notification duty against them, this notification duty will be met by publication of the notice at the Company's web site. As the data subject, the Client has, in particular, the following rights:

  • the right to information to be provided; the Client has the right to obtain information in particular about the Company's identity and contact details, the data protection officer, and also the terms of the data processing itself;
  • the right of access data; the Client has the right to require from the Company a confirmation whether the Company processes their Personal Data and to request access to Personal Data and further information on their processing;
  • the right to rectification; the Client has the right to rectification and completion of Personal Data without undue delay and until the correctness of Personal Data is verified, the Client has the right to limit their processing;
  • the right "to be forgotten"; i.e. to erasure of Personal Data; however, the Client may request the exercise of this right only in particular cases;
  • the right to erasure; in the event the Client revokes the consent to the processing of Personal Data, which was the sole legal basis for the processing, they are also entitled to exercise their right to erasure of Personal Data; however, the possibility to exercise this right is not absolute, it is limited by the rights or obligations of the Company and third parties;
  • the right to data portability; this right allows the Client to transfer their Personal Data processed by the Company to another controller;
  • the right of the Client to be protected in the event of a breach of the GDPR Regulation and breach of the protection of Personal Data ensures the right to object to the processing, the right to file a complaint with the supervisory authority and the right to a remedy and, possibly, the right to compensation of damages;
  • the right of the Client to give consent; consent is a free, specific and unequivocal manifestation of will.